Barrel Fracturing Blender Equipment


Barrel Fracturing Blender Equipment

Safe Blending

20(130) m³/min

Clear Displacement


Max Pressure

360 m³/h

Max Transportation


Power is from engines on both chassis and platform and is sufficient.

High precision guided wave radar level gauge, and stable liquid level of mixing tank with reliable control.

Intake and outlet use the imported centrifugal pump, high-precision imported electromagnetic flowmeter, high-precision liquid-adding mass flowmeter and selected environment-friend density meter which make data reliable.

Double-screen construction operation system ensures the humanization and intellectualization of the operation process and the real-time automatic drawing of construction curve.

The operating system is easy to operate, and can realize the functions of real-time monitoring, manual-automatic switching control and parameters setting and calibration of the blender truck.

Low-pressure manifold material, densitometer, union joint can be selected and customized according to customer’s needs.

Specs & Compare

Models Clear Displacement Max Pressure Max Transportation
100 Barrel Fracturing Blender Truck Brochure
16m³/min 0.5Mpa 360m³/h
130 Barrel Fracturing Blender Truck Brochure
20m³/min 0.5Mpa 360m³/h

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