Below 6m³ Truck Mixer


Below 6m³ Truck Mixer

Less fuel,longer life

2 – 4m³

Mix Capacity


Water Tank Capacity


Engine Brand


Safe and secure

Built for the driver

Convenient ACCESS maintenance

Attractive styling

Panoramic monitoring (optional)

By making full use of exhaust valve braking technology, braking distance has been reduced by 15% and brake lining wear is decreased by 50%. Sany uses a high volume air compressor, high quality piping, and new sealing technology that shortens air build up time and brake response time.

The engine dual power mode, coupled with the unique intelligent transmission’s power matching technology makes a 10% fuel savings.

The frame is made of high-strength special steel plates, improving reliability and safety. It uses Sany’s original subframe-free structure combined with the hollow front and back-end structure design, reducing the center of gravity by 100mm and making the vehicle lighter.

The large displacement power steering pump reduces operator effort by 40%. Optimizing chassis geometry and front axle steering angle reduces the minimum turning radius by 15%.

The three section blade provides an efficient discharge angle.

The flushing device, an innovative front taper and ball-crown connecting structure are installed at the rear taper, in order to clear stagnant aggregate from the dead space, and to prevent aggregate from piling up at front and rear tapers. Due to this, the residual rate at the discharge port declines to 0.4%.

Each truck is equipped with a GPS system, which boasts five functions including vehicle monitoring, record/playback, alarm reporting, fleet management, statistics and analysis. With this information you can keep abreast of the mixer truck’s location, maintenance items, discharge, etc.

Dashboard mounted monitor provides maintenance alarms for the truck’s key components such as engine, axle, and transmission in order to facilitate maintenance scheduling.

Specs & Compare

Models Mix Capacity Engine Brand Water Tank Capacity
SY202C-6(R) Brochure
2m³ ISDe140 30 300L
SY204C-6Y(Ⅴ) Brochure
4m³ YC4EG140-50 300L

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