Electric Semi-trailer Tractor


Electric Semi-trailer Tractor

En Route, with SANY EV

10.7 – 12.8T

Curb Weight

282 – 423kWh

Battery Capacity


Charging Time


The unparalleled electrical drive system based on load indentification strategy, power recovery system based on operating indentification strategy and high-efficiency powertrain exemplify Sany’s longer cruising range, lower power consumption. Taking the 423kWh JS EV 550 at standard load situation as an instance, the curising range is more than 240km.

2 options for charging the power:

1. Battery pack changeover: a new fully powered battery pack can be changed in 5minutes.

2. 400A DC 2 plug-in quick charge: the energy storage system can be charged to 60% in 30 minutes, 90% in 60 minutes.

Innovative pattern of 3-to-1 resident after service, Sany dispatches R&D engineer, service engineer, key account manager to our user’s location, provide 3-to-1 butler service, exclusive team & service with spare parts equipped to ensure a better running performance.

Commercial electric application is complex, for this reason each electric vehicle sale is packaged as a tailored turnkey solution, such as:

Different battery capacities can be provided according to the user’s haul distance.

Solution of waterproof, coldproof can be provided according to the natural environment condition.

Solution of normal or super version bearing chassis can be supplied depends on cargo weight.

Power recovery strategy can be designed on-site depends on the road condition & ramp.

Solution of electric truck + battery pack changeover can be provided according to the user’s operating model.

Specs & Compare

Models Battery Capacity Charging Time Curb Weight
JIANGSHAN EV550 Brochure
282/350/423kWh 20%-90% ≤ 1h 10.7/11.2T
JIANGSHAN EV550 Brochure
282/350/423kWh 20%-90% ≤ 1h 12.4/12.8T

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