H10 Rotary Drilling Rig


H10 Rotary Drilling Rig

Confront The Tough With Toughness

2500 – 3200mm

Max. Pile Diameter

100/65 – 120/100m

Max. Pile Depth

120 – 180T

Operating Weight


Expert in construction of large diameter. and 100m deep borehole without torque limit; main winch with large lifting force to ensure stable operation.

The heaviest model of the same level ensures large crowding force; equipped with heavy duty, impact resistance reducer to realize stable torque output; excellent drilling ability in hard rock layers more than 60MPa.

The structural parts adopt impact, fatigue resistance technology in rock drilling, single layer wire rope winding for interlocking Kelly bar; free of mutual extrusion and wear in wire rope layers to increase service life by 35%.

Adopt power optimization control technology to realize power distribution in real time, excellent compound action response time. High fuel efficiency and low comprehensive fuel consumption, fuel consumption reduced by 10%~15%.

1) HD touch screen, 3ms refresh frequency, smooth animation display.

2) SANY patented locking device visualization technology can accurately display the process of locking and unlocking, reduce wear and Kelly bar accidents.

The external driving key of rotary drive facilitates maintenance and replacement; the main winch wire rope end is fixed by wedge easy to disassemble and assemble. The special lubrication point connected with outlet hose to facilitate butter injection.

360° full-field monitoring, sound and light alarm.

Specs & Compare

Models Max. Pile Diameter Max. Pile Depth Operating Weight
SR360R-H10 Brochure
2500mm 100/65m 120T
SR405R-HK Brochure
2800mm 106/87m 131T
SR415R-H10 Brochure
3000mm 110/90m 145T
SR445R-H10 Brochure
3000mm 116/95m 162T
SR485R-H10 Brochure
3200mm 120/100mm 180T

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