Hydraulic Fracturing Truck


Hydraulic Fracturing Truck

Exceptional Performance With Longer Uptime

4” – 124MPa

Max Pressure

4” – 2471L/min

Max Output Flow


Max Power


The displacement control of hydraulic transmission is more precise, the displacement is continuous and adjustable, the continuously variable transmission has no impact, and the fl exible transmission is more stable.

According to different operating conditions, fl exibly open the appropriate number of engines to realize the multiple purposes of one machine.

Purchasing cycle of engine, chassis and other parts is short, and shorten manufacturing cycle can realize the faster delivery to customers.

Realization of heat source management and key maximum temperature of the whole machine not exceeding 350℃ can greatly improve the safety of the whole truck. The oil cylinder type segmented hydraulic steel pipes are used to reduce the weld seams and to improve the safety performance by a level.

Adoption of common engine and hydraulic elements in the market and removal of gearbox can significantly reduce the maintenance threshold, save maintenance cost and shorten the maintenance cycle.

Multiple engines backup each other. When one engine fails, others may provide compensation by increasing the output power, which can ensure the continuous construction without interruption.

Minimum clearance from ground is 360 mm, the turning diameter is 28 meters, and the engine has brake in cylinder to enhance the passing performance.

Good plateau performance, and no power reduction at 3000m.

Specs & Compare

Models Max Pressure Max Output Flow Max Power
2500 Hydraulic Fracturing Truck Brochure
4''-124MPa 4''-2471L/min 1860 /2500kW
Multifunctional Oilfield Special Vehicel Brochure
3.75"-105MPa 3.75"-1631L/min 1000kW

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