MG Series Coal Cutter


MG Series Coal Cutter

Adapt Better To Varing Thickness

484 – 1920kW

Gross Power

210 – 750kW

Cutting Power

1.0 – 5.4m

Cutting Height


1. Duplex pump. The large displacement pump is used for height adjustment system and the small

displacement pump is used for brake system to reduce

the system power loss.

2. The oil return pipeline is installed with fin-type

cooler to guarantee that the oil temperature is

below 50℃ .

1. The harness design within electric cabinet realizes the stratified layout for cables and fluid pipes within the machine body.

2. The high integrated and modularized design is taken for the main control cabinet and inspection cabinet to ensure integral replacement and easy maintenances.

3. Shock test and inspection for electric components.

The gears are micro-modified based on the housing

deformation condition to prevent the partial offset load of tooth face.

1. The housing is finish machined by imported machining center to guarantee perfect dimensional tolerances and roughness for the housing and thus ensure the good

functioning of whole drive system.

2. The imported constant-temperature coordinates

inspection center is used to inspect the housing and

guarantee 100% tolerance conformance.

Specs & Compare

Models Cutting Height Cutting Power Gross Power
MG210/485-WD Brochure
1.0-1.5m 210kW 484kW
MG300/710-WD Brochure
2.0-3.6m 300kW 710kW
MG330/730i-WD Brochure
1.2-1.8m 330kW 730kW
MG550/1355-WD Brochure
2.3-4.2m 550kW 1355kW
MG750/1920-WD Brochure
3.0-5.4m 750kW 1920kW

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