Milling Machine


Milling Machine

Powerful Milling


1000 – 2010mm

Max Milling Width

0 – 330mm

Max Milling Depth

180 – 496kW

Rated Power of Engine


Highly Applicable

Highly Efficient

Economical & Reliable

Convenient & Intelligent

Widened front wheel tread ensures easy access to ordinary flat car.

Milling radius ≤1.2 m contributes to easy milling.

The highest convey height in industry is able to be compatible with ‘dumper’.

180 kW engine maintains adequate power output.

Mechanical drive of milling ensures more direct power transmission and stronger resistance to overload.

Standard four-wheel drive makes driving powerful.

500mm ultra-wide conveyor ensures high material conveying capacity.

15 mm standard pitch milling drum brings dense milling texture and saves materials.

Drive conveyor has slack side and tensioning bearing to ensure a longer service life.

Alloy tail gate scraper contributes to clean receiving of materials and a longer service life.

SYMC intelligent controller and standard Automatic Leveling System.

Visible parameters of on/off, current and voltage for control circuit ensure easy inspection, monitoring and maintenance.

Intelligent prompt of maintenance and fault alarm and searchable parameters such as milling level and position.

Lightweight Body & Steady Operating

Superb Milling Property

Reliable Power Matching Design

Powerful Conveying Ability

Intelligent, Convenient Operating Configuration

Convenient and Simple Maintenance

Whole machine weight reduced to 31 ton which is convenient for Transportation by any six-axle vehicle.

New designed structure and higher center of gravity contribute the traction and steady working condition to the largest extent.

Maximum 330mm milling depth makes it to finish the milling on surface layer, structure layer and basic layer in one time.

Original USA Cummins engine coordinates with reasonable power curve guaranteed the engine working with high efficiency and long lifetime.

Three shift speed governing is suitable for all working conditions and meet customer requirements on economical, efficient and fine modes.

850mm extra wide conveyor belt mated with higher conveying speed guarantees the working ability under big quantity conveying.

Left/right 60° ultra high swing angle suitable for loading all size material truck.

Big open aperture for the engine cover and radiator cover saves 50% time for maintenance and cleaning inside engine room.

Sufficient storage rooms is convenient for storing spare parts and tools

Engine failure self-diagnosis, electrical components centralized, fuel and hydraulic oil filling at the same side.

Specs & Compare

Models Max Milling Width Max Milling Depth Rated Power of Engine
SCM2000C-8S Brochure
2010mm 0-330mm 503kW

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