Rubber Tyre Container Gantry Cranes


Rubber Tyre Container Gantry Cranes

Automation With Safety

40 – 50T

Hoisting Capacity Under Spreader

20 – 30m

Rail Span

18 – 22m

Hoisting Height


Through proper arrangement of guide pulleys in the horizontal and vertical direction, the movement of the four wire ropes can effectively prevent the swing of the spreader, greatly improving container hoisting efficiency.

The new-developed four rope anti-sway system (Patent number: ZL201220568248.4) effectively achieve bidirectional anti-sway of the spreader. This system allows a ±250mm movement of spreader in the gantry or trolley direction, greatly improving container hoisting efficiency.

Based on the data stored from the mechanism positions and the containers on the yard as well as database management automatic tracking operation and the most optimized tracking control of the mechanisms can be realized, increasing the working efficiency and ensuring safety

Software intelligent deceleration technology and hardware inspection protection device are applied to adjust the time and position of deceleration dynamically. This helps decrease crush and wheel load, thus increasing service life and stability of the crane.

Deflection of bogie relative to the rail is detected in real-time as the control signal for the transducer to control motor speed. The bogie deflection can be corrected manually (or automatically) to prevent rail gnawing, thus ensuring sate operation, reducing wearing between wheel and rail, and span service life of crane.

Distributed bus control system is applied, which is clear in structure and easy to maintain. Perfect crane information management system monitors the operation status in real time; Full security devices collects the position, limit, anticollision protection, interlock protection, overload protection grounding protection, and lightning protection of all mechanisms.

Full automatic resonance eliminating reactive power compensation device is configured to achieve the average power factor above 0.9 or more, which improves electricity efficiency and reduces wire consumption.

The new RTG uses lithium battery as the power supply of the crane, and potential energy can be recycled automatically when the weight drops. It saves over 65% energy comparing with the full diesel engine power supply. And low emissions, low noise, low maintenance time and cost can be achieved. Energy storage equipment of lithium iron phosphate battery pack is configured for RTG to ensure the stability of power supply and reduce its fluctuation.

In normal operation, the crane is driven by electricity and energy from weight dropping and mechanism braking is recycled to the grid. In gantry turning, the crane is driven by small auxiliary diesel generating sot for obvious energy saving, which saves operation cost and meet environmental requirements

Complete processing equipment for steel pretreatment, cutting, bevel cutting, bending forming and other material processing are applied to provide a powerful guarantee on welding quality.

As the launching of the first semi-automatic welding assembly line for heavy port machinery, the box beam welding cycle has been shortened by 15%. By applying semi-automatic car welding of H-beam, the welding cycle of stay bar system and M-house base has been shortened by over 30%. Large structures including boom and girder can be welded complete in the factory, and the UT qualification rate is over 99%.

The whole delivery cycle of RTG (from receiving order to delivery status) is above average in the industry. The manufacture cycle (from material preparation to delivery status) is currently shortened by 20 days than previously

Specs & Compare

Models Hoisting Capacity Under Spreader Rail Span Hoisting Height
RTG5203 Brochure
40T 23.47m 21.2m
RTG5204 Brochure
40T 26.5m 21.47m
RTG5223S Brochure
41T 23.47m/td> 18.2m
RTG5501 Brochure
41T 23.47m/td> 18.2m

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