SAT Series Articulated Truck


SAT Series Articulated Truck

Highly adaptable with all-

wheel drive


Total Power


Maximum Torque


Load Weight


Full oil-gas suspension offering a comfortable experience and protecting the frame and axle; The high vibration isolation rate realizes high driving comfort and mitigates the vehicle vibration; It passed the bench durability test and features long life.

Large full-view windscreen featuring wide vision for the operator; High-end air suspension seat offering a comfortable experience; It complies with the ROPS/FOPS standard; The cab can be tilted backward to ease the checking and service of powertain.

High-strength steel box-type welded frame with light weight; Impact resistance, bending and torsion resistance, and high durability.

The flexible automatic gearshift features low gearshift impact; The hydraulic torque converter is installed to achieve higher drive force; The hydraulic retarder is installed to stably control the vehicle speed during downslope driving.

Bilateral double-acting hydraulic cylinder featuring reliable operation without deflection.

The heavy-duty rigid drive axle features reliable and stable performances; The wet brakes are installed to provide long-acting and reliable braking force; The automatic limited slip differential lock mechanism guarantees high efficiency and reliability, requiring no driver’s intervention.

Specs & Compare

Models Total Power Maximum Torque Load Weight
SAT40C Brochure
390kW 2300NM 41T

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