W10 Rotary Drilling Rig


W10 Rotary Drilling Rig

Durable and reliable

2000 – 2500mm

Max. Pile Diameter

68/54 – 106/87m

Max. Pile Depth

81 – 137T

Operating Weight


Large core parameters such as high torque and crowd force; fast line speed of main rope to ensure high drilling efficiency in hard soil layer; it is suitable for overpass, high-speed rail, large buildings and other large hole foundation fields.

Adopt winch crowd system with long stroke, fast crowding, rotary drive display function, suitable for all casing construction in beach, pebble and backfill formation.

Power optimization control technology is adopted to distribute power in real time with smooth and fast response of composite action; moreover, it has high fuel efficiency and low comprehensive fuel consumption.

Adopt step drum structure with single layer to realize no crushing, no wear, and increase the service life of wire rope by 35%.

HD touch screen, 3ms refresh frequency, smooth animation display.

The rotary drive key bar is exposed for easy service and replacement; the main winching wire rope is fixed by wedge, which is easy to disassemble and assemble. Some lubrication point are exposed for easy service.

Specs & Compare

Models Max. Pile Diameter Max. Pile Depth Operating Weight
SR235-W10 Brochure
2000/1500mm 68/54m 81T
SR285R-W10 Brochure
2200/1900mm 94/61m 105T
SR400R-W10 Brochure
2500/2200mm 106/87m 137T
SR405R-W10 Brochure
2500/2200mm 106/87m 131T

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