Wide-body Mining Truck


Wide-body Mining Truck

Maximize productivity

with less fuel


338 – 700kW

Total Power

1800 – 2500NM

Maximum Torque

60 – 75T

Load Weight


The new designed low-stress and high-strength frame effectively prevents the fatigue breakage of frame and redue the overall stress level by 51% compared with competing products.

The hydro-penumatic suspension tech,nology is applied to replace the traditional leaf spring structure, remarkably improve the life and comfort of the machine , thoroughly solve the frequent breakage problem of front suspension leaf springs in the industry, and promote the attendance rate of the machine. The hydro-pneumatic suspension features excellent shock-absorbing and damping performance to remarkably improve the load application of frame and prolong the life of frame.

Front oil and gas suspension, buffer, vibration reduction are significantly improved; Greatly reducing the impact force of the frame, cab and other heavy parts, reduce the occurrence of various faults, and extend the life of the vehicle;Thoroughly solve the fracture problem of front plate spring.

The vehicle steering is easier to solve the problem of heavy mechanical steering caused by heavy truck in the industry;Equipped with emergency steering, to solve the problem of steering failure after engine flameout or steering pump failure.

– Sany intelligent control module with electrical fault self-diagnosis system can troubleshoot some problems automatically.

– 10 “central control screen equipped with reversing camera, bluetooth connection, compatible with intelligent mine management system.The built-in GPS module can effectively monitor the vehicle operation.

Solve the problem of severe power decline caused by thermal recession in the braking system of vehicles under heavy load downhill condition;To solve the problem that the brake system cannot meet the requirements of the working condition, the customer needs to install the brake spray to reduce the operating cost

Specs & Compare

Models Total Power Maximum Torque Load Weight
SKT105E Brochure
760kW 1800*2NM 70T
SKT90S (Automatic) Brochure
390kW 2300NM 60T
SKT90S (Manual) Brochure
338kW 2000NM 60T
SKT90E Brochure
700kW 1800NM 60T
SKT105AL Brochure
390kW 2300NM 70T
SKT105AR Brochure
390kW 2300NM 70T
SKT105MR Brochure
390kW 2300NM 75T
SKT105ML Brochure
390kW 2300NM 75T

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