Hybrid Electrical Mining Dump Truck


Hybrid Electrical Mining Dump Truck

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electric mixed power


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The independent hydraulic system is equipped with neutral normally-closed steering valve, pressure cutoff type plunger pump, and accumulator. Regardless of the engine speed, the steering hydraulic system can always supply the uniform steering. Even if the engine power is shut down, the accumulator can also supply the power in.

The performance of drive system depends on the gross vehicle weight, gradient and length of transport road, rolling resistance, engine power, and other parameters.

The drive system can adjust to the actual working conditions to realize the optimal performance of the mining dump truck.

The front suspension adopts independent suspension system. The smaller swing arm motion reduces the lateral displacement of tires and prolongs the lives of tires.It features extended life and maintenance period.

The dual-body type variable section torsion-resisitant frame welded from high-strength alloy steel plates and steel castings is integrated with the cab roll-over resistance structure to achieve excellent bending, strong distortion resistance, endurant impact ductility and longer life.

The independent hydraulic system with cushioning function is installed. Two three-stage lifting cylinders are installed on the outer side of frame to realize more stable lifting.

The cab is certified with FOPS/ROPS. Equipped with integral four-pillar tipping protection design, adjustable cushioned seat, luxury upholstery, and tiltable and telescopic steering wheel to provide a comfortable operating space for the operator.

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Models Total Power Maximum Torque Load Weight
SET150S Brochure
1330kW 3511NM 150T

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